The Points Accumulation Strategy 

Points Accumulation Campaign” is where you encourage people to buy up to a certain amount over a medium/long period of time to accumulate loyalty points to get a bigger reward for the highest accumulation of points. Basically.. the more you


Marketing for us is being able to communicate effectively a business or brand’s unique selling points to customers and potential customers on how our client’s products and services can help meet their needs. That how marketing works with us. IDENTIFY

Marketing Your Business Online
Marketing Your Business Online

The first step to any near perfect marketing is identifying your channels for communication, and then deciding what type of message you want to pass across using those channels. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter yes are all social media platforms but

Low Budget Marketing Strategies
Low Budget Marketing Strategies

For us, when funds are low, we mostly tend to turn to developing a long term strategy because with short term strategies are more expensive due to the immediate need for result but long term means you are willing to

Top 4 Marketing and Sales Strategies To Boost Online Sales
Top 4 Marketing and Sales Strategies To Boost Online Sales

The more you can have people returning to your website to view your products/services, the higher the chances of making sales. Let’s liking it to a shopping mall, the more people return to a shopping mall cause of its ever-engaging

advantages of Website
Advantages of a Website

The advantages of a Website are :-  Less Expensive:- Advertising through various forms such as printed media, radio, television or by other means? It’s expensive! Investing in advertising is necessary, but it takes a lot of money. Having a website

mental paralysis
Mental Paralysis: The act of creating logical excuses to put off doing what you need to get done

Some things, at some times just feel all too hard.  Mental Paralysis: The act of creating logical excuses to put off doing what you need to get done  Procrastination!  We are fully aware of things we can and should be doing,

referral system
The Referral System Strategy

Most businesses are looking at how to make money during this period and we at branders consulting propose the following as a strategy to embark on.    The boomerang strategy Like the effect of a boomerang, the result of the strategy

customer feedback
Leveraging Customer Feedback To Grow Business During Uncertain Times.

Businesses are undergoing uncertain change and we know how that’s affecting, to stay ahead and keep afloat, one needs to come up with exciting new ideas to continually engage existing customers/clients and attract new ones at low cost. but coming

types of people
4 Types of People During This Economic lockdown

The economy is obviously the driving force behind the success of any companies and individuals and families. but the problem is people easily go broke and bankrupt when the economy is shaky. Throughout history, economic depression has always been the