Marketing for us is being able to communicate effectively a business or brand’s unique selling points to customers and potential customers on how our client’s products and services can help meet their needs. That how marketing works with us.


And to truly understand it, you have to tell yourself always what it is you’re offering or what it is that you do SPECIFICALLY” with our experience, we’ve seen that people tend to dilute what it is they offer and do overtime in the bid to make more money or generate sales.


So once we’ve established a proper understanding of what you do and offer, the next question we answer is what’s the benefit or what would do people stand to gain from using my service, because the truth is, just like you, you always have an explanation for to yourself on how you spent you’re money, why you bought what you bought basically a reason for why you spent that money whether it’s a good buy or not. It’s the same thing with other people, don’t expect people to buy you’re product because you have something to sell. Money is tight meaning consumers are now becoming more observant of what they spend their money on. This helps you know who you’re marketing to.


Best believe that there are millions people who offers what you offer, how many competitors can you as a business man/woman or a business owner identify. And even if you can identify all, why should anyone work with you much more than the other person. Most businesses focus their campaigns more on sales… ignoring how awareness plays a vital role in the long-term success of a business sales.

The way in today’s marketing to get people to want to know and learn about you is through storytelling. Tell a story about your brand, business or product.. educating people about you gives them more reason to want to use you. Awareness marketing is all about getting people to know who you are


How do you make the same thing you do and offer on a regular don’t seem so boring? So you sell shoes.. You sell different varieties of shoes… ”we know” so look when I need a shoe, ill come to you and that’s it ‘wow’ that’s all? But when at intervals you create interesting offers and events around your product or service…  you never become boring. Let’s use Airtel as a case study. All they do basically is provide airtime and data for mobile phone users. But we love them.. they keep us entertained and interested in their products with their Adverts, they are quite hilarious, Gt bank with its fashion week, Cowbell with its math completion… and those are big brands so like what can you as a small brand do? Well, a lot. Photo contests, referral events, an all-expense-paid trip to those who spend over a certain amount with you over a certain period of time…. So what can you do you ask.. we say “a lot”.

We as a marketing firm knows this, understands this and implements this both for us as a business and for our clients.

Marketing with us is fun, exciting, adventures and filled with results and that’s one of the many reasons you should work with us. Picture a college, customer, friend smile saying to you.. wow that was a brilliant idea well carried out, I love what you’re business is doing and what you offer, beautiful right.. Speak with our consultant, have a session.. Get in and receive a 30minutes session, ITS FREE

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